Sherpa DP

Project Overview

The SHERPA DP project ran from 2005 - 2007 and was funded as part of the JISC Digital Preservation and Asset Management programme. The purpose of the project was to investigate a disaggregated service model and assign rights and responsibilities.

During the project the Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS) developed a practical preservation environment compliant with the OAIS Reference Model, that serves the preservation requirements of several e-print archives in the SHERPA consortium.

The aims and objectives of the project, as outlined in the project proposal were to:

The AHDS will continue to archive and preserve digital content made available by project partners as a free service for one year after the completion of the project.

Project Partners

The SHERPA DP project was lead by the Arts and Humanities Data Service (a SHERPA Development Partner and part of King’s College London) with the University of Nottingham, (the lead institution for the SHERPA Project) as the named project partner. The following institutional repositories served as project partners:

University of Nottingham

Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York

London Leap

University of Edinburgh

University of Glasgow

The SHERPA Management Board has agreed to act as management group for the SHERPA DP project.